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3 POTS Advocates To Befriend Today- Dysautonomia Awareness Month 2019

POTS is a common form of dysautonomia and is a very debilitating condition which leaves 25% of those who have it unable to work or study (Grubb, 2008). 90% of people with POTS are female and there are many types of POTS including adolescent, hyperadrenergic and secondary POTS. Although POTS is though to affect millions… Continue reading 3 POTS Advocates To Befriend Today- Dysautonomia Awareness Month 2019

Dysautonomia Awareness Month, Lifestyle

POTS and Exercise: Are You Aiming for an Unobtainable Fitness Goal?

When I was first diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), I read about the Levine protocol: a specialised exercise programme for those with POTS. I went to see a physiotherapist who started me on a similar graded exercise programme. At first, it was hard. I struggled with the '5 active minutes' a day that I was supposed to do. After being bedridden for over a year, my muscle strength was non-existent.

Dysautonomia Awareness Month, Lifestyle

Dysautonomia Awareness Month- Hannah’s POTS Story + Poem

 Today we have a guest post by Hannah (Chronically Challenged) for Dysautonomia Awareness month . Hannah has kindly written a post about here experiences with POTS and has shared one of her poems with us. You can follow Hannah on Instagram or Facebook. My name is Hannah, I live in a small town in New… Continue reading Dysautonomia Awareness Month- Hannah’s POTS Story + Poem

Dysautonomia Awareness Month, Lifestyle

Easy Spoon Crochet Pattern

I was looking for a way to use up the scrap yarn that I have collected from various crochet projects over the years and I came up with this mini spoon pattern. These spoons are easy to make, although they can be a bit fiddly for the novice crocheter. These spoons can be used as… Continue reading Easy Spoon Crochet Pattern

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A PhD with POTS- Laura’s Story

Looking back, in the year leading up to the start of my PhD, my health had already started to go downhill. I didn’t acknowledge it. It had happened a few years ago and with a few medications I was able to get back to normal. I got really stuck into my PhD; working hard day, night and weekends. Four months into my PhD I had to take a medical leave of absence (thanks to gastrointestinal dysmotility and POTS). When I returned I was even more determined to hit the ground running.

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Totoro Amigurumi Plus 3 Amigurumi Secrets

I just love Studi Ghibli films. There's just something about them that's a little bit magical. I'm not talking Disney magic here. It's definitely something better and there's not a handsome prince in sight (just a brooding wizard in Howl's Moving Castle). My favourite film has to be My Neighbour Totoro even though it is… Continue reading Totoro Amigurumi Plus 3 Amigurumi Secrets

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The 5 Best Study YouTube Channels

I started watching 'study with me' YouTube channels last year to get myself in the student mindset again after taking a break of almost 4 years due to my illness. Here are my 5 favourite study channels. 1. Caitlin's Corner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyBjBfI7U_w Caitlin's Corner is one of my favourite YouTube channels. Caitlin makes practical bullet journaling… Continue reading The 5 Best Study YouTube Channels


5 Tips for Living Independently with Chronic Illness

Living independently can be a challenge for any twenty-something. Add a chronic illness into the mix and you may think that it is impossible. By living independently, I mean living in your own space and not with family. You may be in a shared house/ flat or living with your significant other where you are responsible for your own bills, laundry, groceries etc. These chores can be a challenge depending on the nature of your illness or energy levels.

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5 Tips for Bullet Journaling with Shaky Hands

When I first started bullet journaling I was disappointed that my spreads didn't turn out the way that I wanted them too. I know that we can't all be Amanda, but I was disheartened all the same. We all want to have the perfect Instagram worthy bullet journal. Here are a few things that I've learned over the years to enjoy bullet journaling with shaky hands.