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4 Study Tips For Spoonies

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Whether you’re at school or University, studying with a chronic illness is hard and you may even think that it is impossible. There’s no need to put off your education because of your illness as there are people available to help you every step of the way.

A recent survey that I conducted showed that 73% of those with chronic illness have taken time off from their studies because of their illness.

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Here are a few tips from people who know what it’s like to study with a chronic illness:

‘Get in touch with your school/college/universities disability services. There are tonnes of support they are able to offer which has helped immensely throughout my time at Uni so far!’- @ketowithextrasalt

‘Make Sure to set a time limit for breaks’- @but.still.she.smiles

‘Get out of the house to study. If I’m at home, I’ll be tempted to sleep, but being in a public place like a coffee shop really helps.’@healinghayden

‘Stop staying up late. It’s not worth it.’@gumby_zebra

What are your top study tips for Spoonies? Let me know in the comments below!

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