2018 Bullet Journal

My bullet journal with a crocheted cover

January- June 2018

Here are a few spreads from my 2018 bullet journal. I just used a random notebook that I had lying around which just happened to be one I picked up on my last trip to France. I designed the cover myself using some lightweight yarn I got on my Mini-moon to Edinburgh. (make your own crocheted cover with this tutorial) I used a basic fineliner and a Tombow Duel-brush pen in black and grey (N15 and N75) for these spreads. I love minimalist designs and adding quote pages to my journal.

July- December 2018


When I ran out of space in my first notebook, I got a cheap dotted softcover notebook from Amazon. The size is between A5 and A4 and the pages are of good quality. Because it is a softcover notebook, it is easily customisable. I use my bullet journal to plan out my crafts and hobby time for the month.

I pressed some flowers from my garden in a large hardback book for a few weeks to add more texture to my journal. I have also used gold and silver gel pens in these spreads as well as soft pastels and washi tape.

Pro tip– fix your pastel drawings with hairspray to prevent smudging.

Find more inspiration for your bullet journal on my Pinterest Board.

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