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A Week in the Life of a Student with POTS

Last year, I went back to University to get my Master’s in Environmental Science. My typical week is different from most students’ because I have to work around my fluctuating POTS symptoms.

Sunday- Work Experience

Working at my local nature reserve.

I started working a local nature reserve a few months before my course started. We all know that no-one will look at your job application unless you have some relevant work experience on top of your degree nowadays. When I was an undergraduate, I did at least two extra-curricular activities PER WEEK because I used to be a crazy type-A person. Of course, I’m still type-A, but I don’t have the energy to do everything that I want. This voluntary position that I have is great for me because I get to learn things that are relevant to my degree but there is no commitment to go every week.

Monday- Infusion

Getting my infusion.

The thing that makes my weekly schedule differ the most from my peers is that have to go to the hospital to get infusions every two weeks. I usually take some reading to do or if I’m really tired, I just watch Netflix all day.

Check out this post for all the POTS treatments that I’ve tried.

Tuesday- Home Study

My study supplies.

On Tuesdays I complete any outstanding seminar work for the next day. I usually study for 4-5 hours per day with breaks in between.

Wednesday- Lectures

For my course, all the lectures and seminars are on Wednesday afternoons. You are expected to do self-study on the other weekdays. This is the main reason that I chose to do this course. Having all the lectures on one day means that I can easily plan my appointments without having to miss any lectures.

Thursday- Nap (+ more home study)

On Thursdays, I have a lie-in and only study for a few hours in the afternoon. I usually go over the lecture notes from the previous day.

Friday- Home Study

On Fridays, I usually work on any upcoming assignments and plan out my reading for the next week.

Saturday- Chores

On Saturdays I catch up on any housework and chores that need doing. In the afternoon I usually chill and watch a film. Sometimes, I catch up on assignment work if I’ve gotten behind during the week.

Are you a student with POTS or another chronic illness? Let me know, I am always looking for new voices for my ‘Spoonie Student ‘ segment. Check out my contact page for more info.

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2 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of a Student with POTS”

  1. I am an environmental scientist too! I was unable to cope with the demands of labs and outdoor components of University when my health declined, and took the route of starting a biotech/environmental company instead of completing school as it was more cohesive to my illnesses. What sort of career in environmental science do you want to pursue?

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