Crochet Bullet Journal Cover Tutorial

By K W Warburton, The Reluctant Spoonie

I made this crocheted cover for my bullet journal using some yarn I got on a recent trip to Edinburgh. I use a basic softcover dotted exercise book for my bullet journal. I got the one I’m using at the moment from Amazon. This cover is easy to make as it is just two large rectangles.

Crochet bullet journal cover ©2019 The Reluctant Spoonie

Make your own


Yarn (~50 g)
Crochet hook (4.5 mm)
Sharp needle
Blu-tack (Optional)
Double-sided tape (Optional)

Crochet Stiches (US terms):

Single crochet (sc)
Half Double crochet (hdc)

  1. Making the front cover:
    Chain enough for the width of the front cover
    Row 1- Single Crochet along, turn
    Row 2- Half Double Crochet along, turn. Repeat until your work measures the length of your book. Single Crochet around the edge.
  2. Repeat process for the back cover. Now you will have two rectangles.
  3.  Measure spaces 0.5 -1 cm apart (measure crochet stitches to determine width) and 0.5 cm in around the edge of your notebook.
  4. Get a sharp needle and carefully poke a hole through each point that you just measured. (Safety tip– put some blu-tack underneath to protect your fingers and work surface)
  5. Blanket stitch around the edge of the notebook in the same yarn that you used to edge your crocheted pieces.
  6. Single Crochet your cover to your notebook and Single Crochet down the spine. (Pro tip– use some double sided tape to secure your crochet before you crochet the edges together.)
  7. Bookmark- Slip stitch to the top of the spine and chain the length of your notebook, turn and slip stitch back up.

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