5 Creative YouTubers to Watch Right Now

When I’m stuck in bed all day, I like to watch a lot of YouTube. Mainly dog and cat videos, but I also watch crafty videos as well to get some inspiration for my next makes. Here are some of my favourite channels.

1. Jenny Journals

Jenny is one of my favourite YouTubers. She make bullet journaling videos of her amazing watercolours. She even has an Etsy shop where you can buy prints of her work. Check out her 2019 bullet journal set up here:

2. The Sorry Girls

This Canadian duo make a variety of DIY and thrift-flip videos which can help you to save money. As someone who buys most things second-hand anyway, I find their tutorials on how to up-cycle things really useful. This tutorial on how to make a weighted blanket is one of my favourites:

3. Amanda Rach Lee

Amanda does some amazing hand-drawn bullet journal spreads that will inspire you to start your own bullet journal. Watching her draw is so relaxing and once you get started, you will end up binge-watching all her bullet journal videos. She mainly uses fineliner, brush pens and felt tips for her spreads. Check out Amanda’s 2018 flip through here:

4. Jordan Clark

Jordan’s videos are just so relaxing to watch and they make you want to try out her DIYs for yourself. She’s a talented artist and her videos include studio vlogs, art journaling and drawing tutorials. Most of her art spreads are collages, so you don’t have to be a talented artist to copy her style. Check out one of Jordan’s art journal videos here:

5. Shayda Campbell

Shayda is a talented artist who makes bullet journaling and art videos. I started watching her videos because I want to improve my drawing skills. A lot of her bullet journal set ups include clever ‘dutch door’ style spread. Check out Shayda’s 2019 bullet journal set up here:

Who are your favourite crafty YouTubers? Let me know in the comments!

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