5 Free Things To Do When You’re Stuck In Bed

I spent many years bedridden/ housebound. The surprising thing is, that you can actually develop your skills from your bedroom which will make you more employable when you’re ready to apply for jobs. All you need for these free things is internet access.

Here are my top free things to do when you’re stuck in bed all day.

1) YouTube

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YouTube is a great source of free entertainment if you don’t mind the occasional ad and you could even start your own channel if you wanted. It’s not all cat videos, you can even learn new skills. Read about my favourite crafty YouTubers here.

2) Volunteer for a Charity

Many charities offer work from home positions. I volunteered a social media manager for a charity which lead me to find a permanent paid position earlier this year. I have been volunteering as a crafter for Spoonie Survival Kits for several years where I make items for their chronic illness kits (Find out more about Spoonie Survival Kits here).

3) Start a Blog

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You don’t have to blog about your illness. Your blog could be about anything that you’re interested in: cooking, crafting, parenting etc. The main thing is too have fun with it. There are many sites that have free packages such as WordPress, Wix or Blogger. Find out more about setting up a free blog here.

4) FutureLearn

FutureLearn is a website that offers free courses in a variety of subjects. I found out about FutureLearn when I had to complete one their courses for a voluntary position I was undertaking. Why not use this time to learn about something you’ve always wanted? Browse the selection of courses here.

5) Reading

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Reading is a great way to pass the time. Borrow books from friends and family if you’ve already read all the books in your house. If you live in the UK, Spoonie Book Boxes will send you a box of books for free! Find out more about Spoonie Book Boxes here.

What are your favourite free things to do when you’re stuck in bed all day?

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