Cerezen Review (TMD/TMJ Treatment)

Disclaimer- This post is not sponsored and are my own personal experiences of using Cerezen for TMD/TMJ. I have written this review because I couldn’t find an impartial review online when I was considering this treatment option.

I’ve had TMD/TMJ for a long time, at least 10 years. I did not think anything of my teeth grinding until my dentist told me that I was damaging my teeth. I have tried muscle relaxers, but they made my tachycardia worse (Find out about POTS here). My dentist made me a bite guard, but I chewed through it in less than two months. I read about Cerezen online and thought it sounded weird. You want to fix my jaw, through my ears!? As they offered it at my dental practice and thought that I would give it a go as I didn’t want to risk damage to my teeth or jaw in the future.

What is Cerezen?

The idea behind Cerezen is pretty straightforward- realign and relax the jaw by putting blocks in the ear canal to keep it in the right place. The blocks are custom made for your ears from an impression taken by a trained audiologist.

Photo credit: Cerezen EU

Getting your own Cerezen

My Cerezen

Cerezen is a private treatment and mine cost £600, but the price has gone up since then. Get a quote from your dentist before you commit to treatment. In the first appointment, you will have to fill out a self assessment questionnaire which includes a psychological assessment as well as pain charts. If you are approved for treatment, you will them have an appointment with an audiologist who will take impressions of your ears (just like you get for a hearing aid). I had no trouble with this part, but if you have ear problems you can discuss these with the audiologist beforehand.

It will take around 2 weeks for your Cerezen to be made after you’ve had you impressions taken. You will then have a fitting appointment with your dentist to show you how to put them in and to check if they are positioning your jaw correctly.

My First Week Using Cerezen

I found that my jaw and face pain reduced within the first hour of wearing Cerezen. I started by wearing mine at night only, but was advised to increase the amount of time that I wore them to 18 hours per day by by next appointment. Within the first week of using Cerezen, I saw a marked improvement in my jaw and facial pain. My neck pain had also reduced considerably. I also found that I was sleeping better and woke up feeling refreshed instead of like a Zombie. Positioning them correctly has been a challenge, but was told that the first 4 weeks is a ‘bedding in’ period and they may not sit correctly all the time.

Symptoms that Cerezen has Reduced for me:

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on

Since I started using Cerezen, a number of my symptoms have been reduced, including some that I had not associated with my TMD/TMJ:

  • Jaw pain
  • Facial pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Un- restorative sleep
  • Headaches

Do I Recommend Cerezen?

I did not want to be one of those people who said ‘Cerezen changed my life!’ like in the booklet they give you, but it has, for the better. Although they are difficult to get used to and position in the first few weeks, they are easy to clean and much more comfortable to wear than a clunky mouth guard. The only downside is that they do muffle my hearing a bit, so I don’t wear them when I’m out of the house. Overall, I would recommend this treatment for anyone who has TMD/TMJ.

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  1. Thank you for giving a truly impartial review! I have TMJ problems associated with my EDS. I didn’t know that it caused those other symptoms! I’m going to keep this on my backburner (as I’m in a lot of experimental treatment now) Thank you for posting about this! 😊❤

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