3 Secrets For Perfect Amigurumi’s Every time

I just love Studi Ghibli films. There’s just something about them that’s a little bit magical. I’m not talking Disney magic here. It’s definitely something better and there’s not a handsome prince in sight (just a brooding wizard in Howl’s Moving Castle). My favourite film has to be My Neighbour Totoro even though it is older than I am. It’s the first Studio Ghibli film that I ever watched and after that, I was hooked. I just love all the cute characters like the soot sprites and the small blue Totoro.

My Totoro Amigurumi ©2019 The Reluctant Spoonie

This Totoro amigurumi is the first amigurumi pattern that I ever tackled and it took me ages. I was a student at the time and didn’t have a lot of free time. I think it took me two summers in total to finish it and it’s still the favourite thing that I’ve ever made. The thing that makes an amigurumi good is the face. If you don’t take the time to perfect the face, then your whole project can be ruined. It’s the little details that make it look good. I know some people who even use blusher to paint on cheeks! Felt is ideal to cut the exact shape that you need. Pokemon amigurumi’s are popular nowadays and they require a lot of detail that you won’t be able to buy ‘off the rack’ in your local craft store.

My Top Amigurumi Tips

Amigurumi is a Japanese style of crochet used to make cute toys which is why a lots of the amigurumi’s that you see will be Japanese based such as Pokemon.

1 Start with a small project to learn the basic skills

Begin with a small project if you are new to amigurumi. Amigurumi’s are usually worked in the round, so I would recommend practising this technique before starting a project.

Check out these amigurumi tips for beginners by Planet June here.

2 Pay attention to detail

It’s the little details that will make your amigurumi look good. Print out templates for cutting shapes out of felt or sew on details. You can even crochet shapes to sew on.

3 Keep it tight

Use a smaller hook than you would normally. I tend to use a 3 or 3.5 mm hook when making my amigurumi’s nowadays. If you use a larger size hook, the stuffing will tend to peek out through the exterior which is not a good look.

Crochet Zebras ©2019 The Reluctant Spoonie

Find these zebras in my Etsy shop or make one using the free pattern here.

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