By K W Warburton, The Reluctant Spoonie

I’m a big fan of gentle yoga flows. When you have a chronic illness, you are often told to try yoga by everyone and their Aunt’s cousin. Whilst yoga will not cure your chronic illness, it may help with the mental health aspects of your illness with regards to mindfulness and grounding.

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I discovered the Yoga with Adriene Youtube channel a few years ago and I was immediately converted. Adriene’s style is inclusive and a bit quirky. Her dog Benji often appears in the videos as well. Personally, I try to do a yoga practice every week as I find it really helps my mental health.

These five videos are the ones that are most suitable for my personal requirements. These flows are mainly floor-based and have minimal standing. Additionally, they can be adapted to meet your personal needs.

1. Home Day 20- Still

This gentle yoga flow is completely floor-based and is suitable for those who are new to yoga. In addition, it incorporates gentle movement with stillness for a mindful yoga session.

2. Yoga For Upper-Body Strength

Secondly, this short practice is perfect for people who are looking to develop their upper body strength without having to resort to push-ups! Additionally, it is also great for those who are just starting to include upper body workouts into their fitness regime.

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3. Yoga for Cramps

This gentle yoga flow is perfect for anyone who experiences painful periods or endometriosis pain. Additionally, these floor-based exercises require minimal movement. Use a pillow or folded blanket for extra comfort!

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4. Home Day 13- Grow

This gentle yoga flow requires some standing but is still beneficial to people with a chronic illness. Similarly, This practice is most suited to those with some experience of yoga.

5. Cozy Flow

Finally, this cosy flow is perfect to do before bed. It is another floor-based practice that is ideal for beginners.

What are your favourite gentle yoga flows?

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