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I’ve been having regular infusions to treat my chronic illness for about three years now. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll know that these are both a blessing and a curse. I have to go to the hospital for my infusions which means spending a whole day in the hospital every month. Here are my top tips for making infusion days more comfortable.

1. Bring headphones

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Bring headphones, preferably noise-cancelling ones, as hospital wards can be noisy places. There’s nothing worse than overhearing someone when they are speaking to their doctor/ nurse about their illness. They are also good for those who experience sensory overload.

2. Download shows/ music to watch or listen to offline

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Wi-Fi and phone signal tends to be patchy in hospitals if you are lucky enough to have free Wi-Fi at all. You can download Netflix, Spotify and more to watch offline. Make sure you download enough to last your whole session!

3. Bring books and magazines

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If you enjoy reading, bring your own books and magazines. Sometimes the infusion centre may have some for you to read, but I always find that it is best to bring your own.

4. Bring a big scarf or pashmina

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Infusion centres tend to be cold and once your infusion starts, it will make you cold. Sure, you can get a blanket from the nurse, but I find that it is more comfortable to bring your own.

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5. Wear sunglasses

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Hospitals can be bright places. If you are light-sensitive, then you will be more comfortable wearing sunglasses. The additional perk is that you get to look like a rockstar!

What are your top tips for making infusion days more comfortable?

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