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The holiday season can be a high-energy time of year with regards to cooking. It can also be an expensive time of year for those of us on a low budget. But it doesn’t have to be with these easy holiday recipes perfect for those on a low budget and limited energy.

These easy recipes only require a few ingredients, or they can be made with leftovers from other meals.

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King’s Shepherd’s Pie by Jessica in the Kitchen

This vegan Shepherd’s pie is a great alternative to meat-based dishes. Made with lentils and vegetables of your choice, it may become a staple holiday meal in your household!

NEEDLESS to say – this vegan Shepherd’s Pie was SUCH a loved dish.  The layers of flavour in the lentil vegetable filling, topped with a vegan buttery mashed potato mix and baked to a beautiful, slightly crisp perfection.

Time: 15 min prep and 45 min cook
Difficulty: Easy

Read the full recipe here

Slow cooker gluten and dairy-free turkey and sweet potato stew by A Balanced Belly

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This slow-cooker meal is perfect for those who like to batch cook and only requires turkey breast, vegetables and seasoning. The perfect way to use up any leftover veggies from your main holiday dish!

Time: 8 hours in the slow cooker
Difficulty: Easy

Read the full recipe here


Pumpkin Macaroni by Through The Fibro Fog

Add a holiday twist to a staple side with this plant-based Pumpkin Macaroni recipe by Through the Fibro Fog.

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This recipe doesn’t try to have a cheesy taste, which is why I haven’t called it ‘mac & cheese’, but does somehow have a little of that in my opinion. It focuses on the subtle taste of the pumpkin and adds in some low histamine herbs and spices to really bring out the flavour. It’s creamy and indulgent-feeling, and I have eaten more than I care to admit over the past week.

Time: 20 mins
Difficulty: Easy

Read the full recipe here

Rustic Rosemary Thyme Mashed Potatoes by Strength and Sunshine

easy holiday recipes low budget

This classic side dish is perfect for any holiday meal and can easily be made in large quantities for family gatherings. This rustic take on mashed potatoes has texture from the skins. Therefore, it is perfect for those who do not like the smooth texture of classic mash.

” This batch of rosemary thyme mashed potatoes does feed a crowd so it will be perfect at your Thanksgiving and holiday table this year!”

Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Read the full recipe here


Spiced Vegan Banana Bread by Jack Monroe

easy holiday recipes low budget

This affordable recipe by Jack Monroe is great for those who want to have banana bread all year round, or for those who don’t like Christmas pudding, but still want to have something festive.

Time: 15 mins prep with 1-hour cooking time
Difficulty: Easy

Read the full recipe here

Rich Chocolate Tart by Deliciously Ella

This sugar-free vegan Chocolate Tart recipe is perfect for those looking for a dessert to share. To make this recipe budget-friendly substitute cacao butter for regular butter or margarine, cacao powder for cocoa powder, almond milk for regular milk and date syrup for maple or golden syrup.

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Time: 10 minutes prep with 2 hours setting time
Difficulty: Easy

Read the full recipe here

Christmas Chocolate Bark (4 Ways) by Jessica in the Kitchen

easy holiday recipes low budget
Photo via Jessica in the Kitchen

This easy holiday recipe is a great sweet treat for those on a low budget. It can be easily customised to your own dietary requirements. Each type of bark is made with four ingredients or less. This Christmas Chocolate Bark Recipe includes white chocolate peppermint, peanut butter chocolate, salted caramel pretzel and white chocolate cranberry pistachio.

Time: 25 mins
Difficulty: Easy

Read the full recipe here

What are your favourite easy low budget holiday recipes?

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