The Reluctant Spoonie was launched in 2017 as a resource for those with a chronic illness. The term ‘Spoonie’ is a word to describe someone with a chronic illness which is based on The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino where spoons are uses as a metaphor for units of energy. The Reluctant Spoonie aims to help those who have been newly diagnosed with a chronic illness by providing articles to support them in their transition from healthy person to chronically ill person.

Core topics of discussion in articles and social media posts by The Reluctant Spoonie are studying and living well with a chronic illness . In addition, our editor Katherine is passionate about the healing benefits of taking up a craft activity such as crochet or bullet journaling to ease the mental strains of developing a long-term illness.

I wanted to create something meaningful with the limited energy that I had at the time. I already had a notebook full of articles about living with POTS and my other illnesses, so I decided to share them with the world. Nobody wants to be sick. Nobody chooses to be sick. It can just happen to you one day and then you have to re-define who you are.

Katherine, Editor and Creator of The Reluctant Spoonie

In 2019, The Reluctant Spoonie open its doors to other voices from the chronic illness community. Contributions are currently being accepted for the ‘Spoonie Student’ series until 30th June 2020. Current projects under The Reluctant Spoonie umbrella include production of a series of e-books about living with various chronic conditions. The first book ‘The Reluctant Spoonie’s Guide to Living with POTS‘ is due for publication in early 2020.

Charities Supported by The Reluctant Spoonie

Spoonie Survival Kits
Spoonie Survival Kits is a charity that sells little bags of happiness for people with a chronic illness. Its core aim is to tackle the loneliness that comes with developing a long-term condition. Our Editor, Katherine has been supplying Spoonie Survival Kits with crochet items since 2016.

PoTSUK is a charity that raises awareness of POTS within the medical profession and general public. You can read our editor’s personal POTS story here.