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Learning to live with chronic illness and disability


The Reluctant Spoonie is currently producing a series of eBooks to help those who have been newly diagnosed with specific conditions. The first book in this series The Reluctant Spoonie’s Guide to Living with POTS is now available as an instant PDF download. The next book in this series will be The Reluctant Spoonie’s Guide to Living with Chronic Fatigue is due to be published in early 2021.

We are currently seeking contributors for our Guide to Living with Chronic Fatigue. Please see below for more details.

The Reluctant Spoonie’s Guide to Living with…

POTS- out now

Our Guide to Living with POTS covers a range of topics from fashion, studying with POTS and planning for the future with POTS. It also includes three stories from real people who live with POTS in addition to a Q+A with someone who uses a service dog for POTS. A must-read for anyone who has been recently diagnosed with POTS or want to improve their life with POTS.

Cover art by Katie Suffling @invisibly_fragile_

“As a person living with dysautonomia, it is refreshing to read a book that covers so many areas of life that are affected by the condition, but are rarely spoken of.”



Sophia, personal story @complicatedpatient

Dottie, personal story @dotwithpots

Elizabeth and Henry, assistance dog Q+A

Sophie, mobility aid feature @thesophieproject_

Lindsay, dating with POTS feature @chronically.sunny

Get it as an instant PDF download here

Chronic Fatigue – Due Spring 2021

We are currently looking for contributors for our next book The Reluctant Spoonie’s Guide to Living with Chronic Fatigue. It will be written in the same style as the Guide to Living with POTS with personal stories from real people who live with chronic fatigue in addition to sections on specific topics such as working from home and socialising.

Your experience is more important than your diagnosis. We know that it is very difficult to get an official diagnosis of ME/CFS which is why the focus of this book is chronic fatigue as a symptom. ⁠

We are currently accepting the following submissions:⁠

  • 1,000-word personal essays about living with chronic fatigue⁠
  • 300-word testimonials about working, attending school or pacing and resting with chronic fatigue ⁠

If you are interested in sharing your chronic fatigue journey with us then please email for more details. You can submit your story as a word doc., in the body of the email or as an audio file for transcription.

Submission Deadline: 18th December 2020⁠

Please follow our Instagram for further opportunities to contribute to this book. Details will be released throughout the year.


Why chronic fatigue and not M.E?

We have chosen Chronic Fatigue as opposed to M.E/CFS as it can sometimes be difficult for people to get an official diagnosis of M.E/CFS and we didn’t want to exclude people who had a vital story to share. Additionally, as many conditions have the symptom of chronic fatigue, we believe that we can learn for each other’s experiences. For example, how a person with fibro manages their fatigue may be of benefit to someone with M.E and vice-versa. ⁠

Can my contribution be anonymous?

Absolutely! We value privacy here at The Reluctant Spoonie and understand that people may wish to raise awareness without their boss or future employer being able to search for it.

Do you pay for contributions?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to pay people for their contributions at this time. You will receive a thank-you card and small gift for your time and effort. The main goal of these books is to raise awareness of chronic illness and help those who are newly diagnosed feel less alone. All profits from sales go towards our web hosting fees, book production costs (cover art + proofreading) and our annual charity donation.