By K W Warburton, The Reluctant Spoonie

The holiday season is fast approaching. Here are the crochet Christmas decorations that I have made for myself this year along with their free patterns. A gingerbread decoration, braided wreaths and crochet gift tags for reusable sustainable gift wrapping.

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Crochet Christmas Decorations 2020

Gingerbread Decoration

crochet christmas decoration gingerbread
Gingerbread holiday decoration ©2020 The Reluctant Spoonie

This gingerbread decoration will make a cute addition to your Christmas tree. Made using the double crochet stitch in the round. Some stitching is required for the details. Feel free to make it your own with safety eyes or other embellishments.

Crochet Level: Advanced Beginner (amigrumi skills required)

Find the free crochet pattern here

Braided Wreaths

crochet christmas decoration braided wreaths in red, green and white and black, white and gold with bow and hanging loop
Braided Christmas wreaths ©2020 The Reluctant Spoonie

This wreath decoration looks great in classic Christmas colours or a more modern colour palette. It has several parts that are made separately and need to be assembled. The main wreath is constructed as a braid from three crocheted strands.

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Crochet level: Advanced Beginner

Get the free crochet pattern here

Christmas Gift Tags

crochet christmas decorations. Crochet gift tags.
Crochet gift tag ©2020 The Reluctant Spoonie

These crochet gift tags can be used as a tree ornament or as a gift tag. These are very easy to make and only require one crochet stitch.



  • Crochet hook 3.5 mm
  • Yarn in two colours
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors


R1) Chain 11, turn
R2 -10) Single crochet across (10)

Single crochet around whole square to neaten edge. Finish off.

Surface crochet up the centre of the square in your contrasting colour. Watch the tutorial below to find out how to do this stitch.

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Bow- chain 40 and fold into a bow shape. Stitch onto top of square.

Hanging loop- join yarn behind bow, chain 25 and slip stitch into same stitch to form loop.

Weave in all loose ends to finish.

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