By K W Warburton, The Reluctant Spoonie

Winter is the time of year that I just want to hibernate and wait for Spring. The cold weather makes my joints aches and the short days just make me feel sleepy all the time. Here are five products that I personally use to make the winter months a bit more cosy and comfortable.

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1. Owl Heat Pad

owl heatpad on bed
My microwavable owl hat pad ©2019 The Reluctant Spoonie

I’m a sucker for anything that is owl themed and people just can’t stop buying me these microwavable owl heat pads. ‘Do you need an owl?‘ is now a common phrase in my house. Although, it does make me sad to see his little face going round and round in the microwave. Stays hot for a decent amount of time and does not burn your skin like other heat pads. The lavender scent does fade after a while. Great for endo pain and the annoying neck pain that comes with my POTS.

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2. Totoro Cape

totoro cape

When I’m not wearing my husband’s hoody, I’m wearing this Totoro cape and pretending that I live in a forest with all my sprite friends. I like the way that the hood is his face and it also doubles up as an easy fancy-dress party costume. The fabric is soft, easy to wash and of good quality.

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3. V-Shaped Pillow

v shaped pillow on bed

My v-shaped pillow is a godsend. It helps me to stay upright when I’m having a bad POTS day and I can’t support my own head. I made my own pillowcase as those for v-shaped pillows are usually plain and boring. This pillow means that I can sit up in bed and read (or scroll though Instagram) instead of snoozing the day away.

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4. Sleepytime Tea

tea bag box
Clipper Sleep Easy tea bags ©2019 The Reluctant Spoonie

I love having a hot drink before bed, especially in the cold winter months. Unfortunately, I find that hot chocolate is too sugary and sets off my tachycardia if I have it before bed. I just love this cinnamon based blend by Clipper and their bags are now completely plastic free! It really does help me to sleep better.

Get a 4 pack here

5. Snuggie Blanket

woman on bed with blanket

A snugly blanket with sleeves and little pockets for your feet. I too was sceptical when I was gifted this blanket by my well meaning husband. Did I need a new blanket? Yes. Did I want to be the owner of a blanket with sleeves? No. However, I was a convert after just one use. This blanket is warm and cosy and even has a pocket for your phone. It is perfect for those days when you have to lie flat, but you don’t want to be in bed anymore. Another plus is that it comes in a variety of colours to match your home decor.

Get your own blanket with sleeves here

What are your favourite cosy products that help you survive the winter months with chronic illness?

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