Crochet Bullet Journal Cover Tutorial

I made this crocheted cover for my bullet journal using some yarn I got on a recent trip to Edinburgh. I use a basic softcover dotted exercise book for my bullet journal. I got the one I'm using at the moment from Amazon.

Baby Bunny

I just love making things for babies. I always get super excited whenever someone in my family announces that they're pregnant. My go-to gift for any new baby is this bunny as it's super easy to make and the shape means that it's easy for baby hands to hold. (I've also been told that it's… Continue reading Baby Bunny

Flower Bookmarks

  I recently made a donation to Spoonie Book Boxes and included a set of these bookmarks as well. They were super easy to make up and I got to use up some of my scrap yarn that has been lying around for ages. Find the free pattern here If you live in the UK… Continue reading Flower Bookmarks


Mudkip was the first amigurumi pattern that I ever tried. Amigurumi is a Japanese crochet style used for toy making. I made it for my then boyfriend (now hubby) when I was a student. After many unravellings, I was happy with the final product. Make your own using this pattern.   © 2018 K W Warburton… Continue reading Mudkip


I've just finished playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I just had to make a Korok for myself. 


I made a bunch of these for my first batch of items I sent to Spoonie Survival Kits.

Tree Decoration

    I made a few of these bobble stitch trees this Christmas using a sparkly white yarn. You could also make a bunch and single crochet them together to make a garland. Make your own using this free pattern © K W Warburton | The Reluctant Spoonie Instagram | Pinterest 


    I've always loved Studio Ghibli films and the first one I saw as a teenager was My Neighbour Totoro and I was instantly hooked. I love that they have created a magical world using soot sprites with other weird and wonderful creatures. I also like the fact that their stories have female lead characters… Continue reading Totoro