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Send a Sunflower: Free Letter Writing Service

Tired of missing birthdays because you can’t get to the shop/postbox on time? Do you wish that you could send a friend a handwritten note to tell them that you’re thinking of them?

Send a Sunflower is a FREE letter writing service hosted by to help those who are housebound communicate with their loved ones. With this free letter writing service, you can send a sunflower (or crochet item of your choice) to a loved one along with a personal message from the comfort of your home.

Find out more about the story behind Send a Sunflower here

Please email to discuss custom crochet orders.

Although Send a Sunflower is a free letter writing service, we do appreciate donations towards postage and production costs. Total cost for one card and crochet item is £1.80 and postage is £0.88 (UK) or £2.87- 3.82 (International). Your donations also help us support creatives with chronic illnesses and disabilities who design our cards.

Please use the order form below to order your letter and crochet gift. There is now the option to send a plain card without a gift if you prefer. You can nominate yourself to receive a birthday card using the self-nomination form. Cards will be sent out 2 weeks before the start of your birthday month.

Please note that we are unable to facilitate messages between romantic partners. This service is for those aged 18+.

Order your letter here

Nominate yourself to receive a birthday card here

Donate to our PayPal here

Check out our privacy policy here


“Thank you for the fantastic send a sunflower scheme. Everyone I’ve sent it to has loved it. Such a lovely idea and beautiful sunflowers, daisies and animal crossing leaves! Helping to brighten people’s days. Thank you again”

– Lucy

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