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Learning to live with chronic illness and disability
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Send a Sunflower Order Form (free letter writing service)

Orders suspended until February 2021

Follow us on Instagram for up to date details regarding orders. We are based in the UK and do not have control over the postage situation. You can still submit nominations, but they will not be posted until February 2021 at the earliest.

Please use the form below to place your order for our Send a Sunflower letter writing service. This service is for those who are housebound due to chronic illness who wish to send a physical card and crochet gift to a friend or family member (Please note, we cannot facilitate messages between romantic partners).

We now have occasion cards in stock for birthdays and anniversaries!

This letter writing service is free to use (for UK orders, international orders will only be processed if we have sufficient funds).

You can donate towards our postage and material costs here

Your donation helps keep our letter writing service free for those who need it most, in addition, to helping us to support artists with chronic illnesses who design our cards.

Cards for free letter writing service
Cards designed by Spoonie artists

Sunflower Order Form

You can view our privacy policy here

We will only contact you about your order and to notify you when it has been sent.
Please let us know where your card is going. UK postage through this service is free. We can only process international nominations if you cover the postage costs. Donate to our PayPal here
Please provide a postal address (preferred), valid email address or social when your nominee can be contacted.
We now have occasion cards in stock. Please let us know if you're sending a message relating to a specific occasion so we can choose an appropriate card.
Please let us know what crochet gift you would like to include with your card. For custom orders, please email to check availability, otherwise your nomination will not be processed.
Please include your message here. This will be written inside the card on your behalf.
Please provide any additional information that we may need to process your card e.g. postal date if sending a birthday or anniversary card.

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