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I love Star Wars and I have seen all the films. Controversially, my favourite has to be ‘Episode I The Phantom Menace‘, but that is only because I remember going to see it at the cinema with my Dad when I was small. I’m currently enjoying ‘The Mandalorian’. There are so many cute characters in the Star Wars films and shows. I picked my three favourite Star Wars characters to crochet for myself: Baby Yoda, Porg and Ewok. Unfortunately, Jar Jar did not make the cut.

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I only used a full crochet pattern for Baby Yoda and I just winged it with the other two. Hope you enjoy checking out my favourite crochet Star Wars cuties.

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Baby Yoda

When I saw everyone was making their own Baby Yoda’s, I just had to make one for myself, even though we didn’t get Disney+ in the UK until March 2020. I made this Baby Yoda using the free pattern from Hello Happy Crafts which is really easy to follow. I really like the nose and eye details on this one.


The Porg was clearly the stand out character in ‘Episode VIII The Last Jedi ‘. I had to make the pattern for this Porg myself as there were very few available on Pinterest. Fun fact- Pinterest won’t let you search for ‘Porg pattern’. This Porg is a slightly bigger version of the pattern by The Geeky Hooker because I couldn’t get the ratios right using the yarn that I had in and tapestry crochet really isn’t my thing.

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This is a pattern that I made myself from scratch. I have been experimenting with texture recently with my ami’s and found that the best way to get the fluffy face effect was to attach some yarn around the face and tease it out using a pointy needle. You have to do this very gently otherwise, you’ll pull the whole thread out. I made the hat separately and pulled it on like a normal hat and secured it with a few stitches.

star wars crochet ewok
Ewok amigurumi ©2020 The Reluctant Spoonie

I hope you enjoyed checking out my favourite Star Wars Cuties 💕

Who’s your favourite Star Wars character?

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