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3 POTS Advocates To Befriend Today- Dysautonomia Awareness Month 2019

POTS is a common form of dysautonomia and is a very debilitating condition which leaves 25% of those who have it unable to work or study (Grubb, 2008). 90% of people with POTS are female and there are many types of POTS including adolescent, hyperadrenergic and secondary POTS. Although POTS is though to affect millions… Continue reading 3 POTS Advocates To Befriend Today- Dysautonomia Awareness Month 2019

Dysautonomia Awareness Month, Lifestyle

Dysautonomia Awareness Month- Hannah’s POTS Story + Poem

 Today we have a guest post by Hannah (Chronically Challenged) for Dysautonomia Awareness month . Hannah has kindly written a post about here experiences with POTS and has shared one of her poems with us. You can follow Hannah on Instagram or Facebook. My name is Hannah, I live in a small town in New… Continue reading Dysautonomia Awareness Month- Hannah’s POTS Story + Poem

Dysautonomia Awareness Month, Lifestyle

Easy Spoon Crochet Pattern

I was looking for a way to use up the scrap yarn that I have collected from various crochet projects over the years and I came up with this mini spoon pattern. These spoons are easy to make, although they can be a bit fiddly for the novice crocheter. These spoons can be used as… Continue reading Easy Spoon Crochet Pattern


5 Tips for Living Independently with Chronic Illness

Living independently can be a challenge for any twenty-something. Add a chronic illness into the mix and you may think that it is impossible. By living independently, I mean living in your own space and not with family. You may be in a shared house/ flat or living with your significant other where you are responsible for your own bills, laundry, groceries etc. These chores can be a challenge depending on the nature of your illness or energy levels.


5 Free Things To Do When You’re Stuck In Bed

I spent many years bedridden/ housebound. The surprising thing is, that you can actually develop your skills from your bedroom which will make you more employable when you're ready to apply for jobs. All you need for these things is internet access. Here are my top free things to do when you're stuck in bed all day.

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Did I Cause My PCOS?

My first thought whenever I’m diagnosed with a new illness is Did I cause this? Of course, the answer is almost always, No. However, with my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), there is a lingering feeling that I my own actions lead to me developing this condition.


Will Yoga Cure My Chronic Pain?

If you've ever talked to a stranger about your chronic pain, chances are they will have said something to you along the lines of 'but have you tried yoga?' as if yoga has the power to cure all ills. Randomly signing up to a yoga class when you're not ready may actually make things worse.