By K W Warburton, The Reluctant Spoonie

Turning your hobby into a business is something that many people with a chronic illness or disability have to consider. Sparse employment opportunities mean that we are often forced to monetise our hobby and open an online store. Here are five affordable Etsy shops owned by people with a chronic illness or disability for you to support today.

There are many free ways to support someone’s Etsy shop. Favourite the shop and like a few products. As well as following the shop’s social media channels and sharing posts.

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1. Luna Lagoon Shop

First up is Luna Lagoon. Based in the UK, Luna Lagoon specialises in jewellery and accessories with a spooky theme. Recently re-branded from Fierce Mermaids and Spoon Your Heart Out.

Visit Luna Lagoon here

Follow them on Instagram here

2. Spoonie Sister Shop

Our second choice is Spoonie Sister Shop. Based in Texas, Spoonie Sister Shop specialises in clothing and stickers with a chronic illness theme. We have been supporting Spoonie Sister Shop for a while and love their contemporary designs!

“This shop was established in 2018 to help raise awareness for all chronic medical conditions! We strive to help fellow spoonies feel understood, validated, confident, and proud of where they are in their chronic illness journey. Every item in Spoonie Sister Shop is designed with the intention of bringing comfort and style with ultra-soft materials, relatable phrases, and actually cute awareness goodies for us spoonies!”

-Michelle, Spoonie Sister Shop

Visit Spoonie Sister Shop here

Follow them on Instagram here

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3. A Spoonful of Resin

Our third choice is A Spoonful of Resin. Based in the UK, A Spoonful of Resin specialises in handmade nature-inspired resin jewellery and keepsakes. You may recognise Elizabeth from our Guide to Living with POTS!

Visit A Spoonful of Resin here

Follow them on Instagram here

4. The Cosi Shop

Our fourth choice is The Cosi Shop. Based in the US, The Cosi Shop specialises in dreamcatchers and woven décor including bespoke dreamcatchers. You may recognise Sophie from our Guide to Living with POTS!

Visit the Cosi Shop here

Follow them on Instagram here

5 CajunFiberCo

Finally, we have CajunFiberCo. Based in Louisiana, CajunFiberCo specialises in handmade project bags.

Visit the CajunFiberCo shop here

Follow them on Instagram here

Discover more UK based Spoonie owned online shops here

6. Our Etsy Shop

Lastly, we couldn’t resist plugging our own Etsy shop! Our Etsy shop is based in the UK and sells affordable crochet gifts. All sales from our shop go towards funding our projects. In addition to providing flexible working opportunities for those with a chronic illness or disability.

Visit our shop here

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