By K W Warburton, The Reluctant Spoonie

I started watching ‘study with me’ YouTube channels last year to get myself in the student mindset again after taking a break from my studies for almost 4 years due to my illness.

Here are my 5 favourite study channels:

1. Caitlin’s Corner

Caitlin’s Corner is one of my favourite YouTube channels. Caitlin makes practical bullet journaling videos (that you can actually reproduce yourself, even if you have zero artistic talent) and study vlogs about being a student at the University of Toronto. Caitlin’s videos are so fun to watch because she has such a delightful personality. Once you watch one video, you’ll want to watch them all. Caitlin has recently graduated and now works on her YouTube channel full time.

2. Elena Handtrack

Elena is reading Law at St John’s college, Cambridge. Elena’s channel includes study vlogs, practical study tips and real time study with me videos. Elena is also sharing what it is like to study with a mental health condition and why it is important not to compromise your mental health whilst you are studying. Check out Elena’s channel for a realistic view of what it is like to study at The University of Cambridge.

3. PaigeY

I recently started watching PaigeY after searching for a science student vlog. Paige is reading Natural Sciences at Jesus College, Cambridge. Paige posts weekly vlogs, study tips and more. Watching Paige reminds me of my undergraduate days of living in halls and doing a science degree, although in those days YouTube was just for watching cat videos and not captivating vlogs. Check out Paige’s channel is you want to find out more about studying science at university and attending The University of Cambridge.

4. Studyquill

Studyquill is run by Jasmine who is a high school student. She posts bullet journal, study with me and exam advice videos. If you’re a type-A hyper organised person that loves watching videos of neat study notes and stationery, then Studyquill is the place for you.

5. Studytee

I came across Studytee when I was looking for a science-based study channel. Therese is a Norwegian medical technology student. These are the science notes that I wish that I could take, but I don’t have the time or patience with my fast-paced course. Studytee posts study with me, study tips and note-taking videos. If you love watching videos of aesthetically pleasing notes, then check out Studytee.

Bonus Video

This documentary is an hour long, but it is worth a watch if you’ve ever experienced a health problem whilst at university. It is well known that top universities do not do enough to help students with illnesses. I was studying at a top university when I became ill and did not receive adequate support. Watching this documentary highlighted the fact that this is a common occurrence, even at the top university in my country. Please watch this video if you have time. Some of the comments from the staff being interviewed are eye opening and somewhat shocking in places.

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